Most of 2018 was a weird year for me, I was pretty devistated after a fire burned my house down, and since then was stuck at a standstill about what I wanted to do with my career, my living situation, and my life really. The biggest unknown that was eating away at me constantly was what I wanted to do for a career. For nearly 5 years I've worked tirelessly building the foundation for a large major part of the Minecraft Java community. I've been involved with almost every major enterprise level project in some regards, I've worked with every creator, and I have a reputation that I continue to uphold as a community leader.

After many long months of talking to friends, family and other industry leaders, I decided that I wanted to focus on growing a company myself, and building a stable future for myself. Its actually something that runs in my family, with every single generation for at least 5 generations owning their own companies and working for themselves, its in my blood. Ok, so I know I want to start a company, so what next?

Well, a hard part was actually figuring out a proper business plan that allowed me to do things I enjoyed while also allowing for proper growth. Many long nights later and a lot of research, I came to the final decision about where my focus and vision for the company was. I wanted to continue to work with gaming communities built on pre-existing games and influencers surrounding them. Now that I had that narrowed down though, its a big market, so what do I want to focus on? And what do I want to do with influencers?

As I mentioned I did a lot of market research regarding pre-existing companies that are similar to how I envision mine, and I actually ran into a stunning conclusion: there are no dedicated development companies focused on nothing but working with modding tools or server software for pre-existing games. There are plenty of games that exist that are massive and massive platforms other than Minecraft, including Roblox, FiveM and Arma 3.

Now you say, "well Cooper there are plenty of development companies!", and yes you are correct, but there are some differences. Everything single company I could find and research in relation to Minecraft or development in general was either too broad for my liking, for example offering gaming related services while also trying to work with the federal government, and others are too specific, for example only writing plugins for one version of a specific Minecraft server software. There isn't a clear middle ground for any normal consumer, and both offer a strange and almost replusive experience for new potential clients.

Another major flaw I've experienced first hand is the hard task it is for influencers to find teams who can properly support not only their gaming network but understand and work with their communities individually, not just bunching them together with a group of other creators communities. Due to my previous experience working with massive gaming creators, I've decided to mix both of my passions and work directly with influencers to help them achieve goals and maximize their revenue in the gaming community.

Lastly, I want to say that I'm doubling down on Minecraft. Minecraft Java is and has been a life changing game, and I will continue to always in debt to the game, but times change, and Minecraft Bedrock is coming out strong as being the next massive platform. I've missed the train on previous games and trends, and I don't want to be too late to this oppurtunity, so my company will begin to create behavior, resource packs and worlds for Minecraft Bedrock, with the hopes that we can eventually become partnered with Microsoft.

This is only the start of something great, and I'm very nervous and excited to meet new people in this chapter of my life and career. Till next time - Cooper.