Since our inception just a mere month ago, we have been very busy working with networks and influencers on getting their projects up and running either privately or publicly! We aren't in the business of simply bragging about who we are working with for validation or fame, we are here to support our clients and partners. But sometimes we like to toot our own horn about who we are working with, especially if its relating to a very public project.

That's why I'm happy to announce that ckamps LLC is partnering with the director of the Winner Takes All events, Noah (Pikaclicks) and his team. We will be working with Noah closely on our first project together, that being Winner Takes All SMP! This SMP is hosted, managed and custom developed by our team here at ckamps LLC and is ran on premium hardware 24/7 for amazing smooth gameplay for the roster of 20 youtubers and streamers that will be playing on it!

Noah and I had a long conversation and he addressed the problems he was facing with current WTA (Winner Takes All) events, and expressed his interest in solving these problems with ckamps LLC. We sat down in a call, we solved these problems and allows Noah to plan and manage the roster and other key parts of his event while the complex networking side is taken care of, allowing for a peace of mind.

This is just one of many events we plan on helping Noah pubically work on and release, and we are super happy and looking forward to the future! Does this sound like something you might need help doing as well? Reach out to us anytime at [email protected] and we can get your event on track!