Over the past two months I have been very busy working with influencers and project managers on all sorts of cool things, some that are already hitting the public and others that are still works in progress. Now that I have some time to sit down, take a step back and breathe, what is next?

Starting December of last year I knew that I wanted to solve problems and help the gaming/game development community as much as I could, and I've been doing that as much as I can when it comes to the Minecraft side of things. I've also helped a few creators so far personally grow, exceed and solve complex creator related problems, things that put a smile on my face. But as those projects come to a close, and as major projects my company is involved in begin to launch this summer, what is next, and what is our focus?

As I view our internal stats and our current queue with upcoming/current projects, I realize that these small fields are not the only things I want to focus on, and that I needed to begin the task of broadening my horizons outside of Minecraft, something that I planned even before I launched my company. What will happen to current, future or rumored projects? They will still come. Minecraft development/services won't stop, they will continue like normal, and I have some really great things coming!

I want to help grow this community, and I plan on helping both the Java and Bedrock side of things. A few things I have planned and have started is primarily infrastructure and developer libraries and tools. As time goes on, I will continue to release enterprise grade tools to everyone.

Now what's next, and how do I relate the title of this blog post 'Solving Gaming Problems' to the future of my company? There are two major experimental projects I've been running for the last month that have both been working fantasticly so far, one being an amazing cloud based gaming focused server hosting, something that builds on top of the cloud idea of always available, but now YOUR games are always available, no more setting up complex databases and getting jank scripts to set stuff up for you. I will have more information about this project in a future blog post. There is no slated time period for this project/products release.

Another insane cool project that I've actually been building since mid last year that I abandoned then picked back up more recently is a service that handles a security aspect of games by rating players on a behavior scale on a few configurable things, such as if they are using a VPN, is their IP linked to abusive behavior, has their IGN been linked to cheating anywhere else, and a whole load of other checks that just scratch the surface. As a player logs on, it now keeps a small amount of information related to their unique ID (at the moment it supports XUID, UUID and Steam 64 Hex ID's) such as playtime, if they receive negative strikes against their account such as a mute, kick or ban, and other things that can be configurable such as their chat messages and in game player data.

These are just a few things in the pipe, and most are in a very alpha stage at the moment, and a few ideas that have been burning a hole in my brain for a lack of better words. Thanks everyone for supporting me and my company so far, the support has been crazy! - Cooper