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Career Development

Being an influencer can be amazing and intoxicating, but every influencer is also hit with a major wave of complex and daunting issues and roadblocks. Some of these issues include shady people trying to get close, toxic trouble makers in your comment sections and chat, and unstable revenue stream.

Our influencer management team is skilled in all areas of influencer management, and have managed many of the biggest gaming influencers in the world. With the backing of a enterprise level gaming company, we can leverage connections and internal tools to help launch you to be one of the biggest influencers in the world.

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Brand Management

One of the biggest and most key parts of allowing a manager help you out is the ease of not having the stress of managing your entire brand yourself anymore. Your manager will help you out by scheduling tweets, getting a moderation team setup for all community platforms, and much much more.

Your manager will help you make careful crafted announcements related to sensitive issues, take care of getting your creative content services taken care of, and your community engaged in either community platforms or fan gaming servers.

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Partnerships & Connections

A major way for all influencers to grow is meeting with other influencers, partnering with brands and networking at conventions. All of these can help you continue to grow natrually as more fans and people will be exposed to you and your content.

Our entire team has worked with the biggest influencers, brands and events and thus your manager can leverage all of our corperate contacts to land your sweet gigs, collabs with other major influencers, and special event passes to the biggest world wide events.

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Your manager has a lot of internal perks that they can leverage to launch you to the top, and you have a few direct perks as well! Just a few of them include:

  • Creative Content Team
  • Free Website Hosting & Management
  • Free Fan Server Game Hosting & Management
  • Access to advanced SEO & keyword reports
  • Custom and dedicated community management tools

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